Following decades of proven financial experience and an impressive track record, Estlander & Partners decided to bring their expertise to the structured products market. Using the most cutting-edge platform technologies in the financial products industry, Estlander & Partners is committed to providing the most transparent, creative & innovative structured products available in the market today.

Focusing on client success, clarity, education, strategy and accountability, our team is dedicated to finding structured product opportunities that will meet each investor’s needs and allow us to be a part of our clients’ long term investment success.

Estlander & Partners Ltd is a CFTC registered Commodity Trading Advisory (CTA) and SEC registered investment adviser based in Helsinki, Finland. Estlander & Partners is a systematic CTA designed to capitalize on change, including fluctuations in global asset prices and modifications in risk appetite. Estlander & Partners Ltd is registered with the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, as commodity trading advisor and a commodity pool operator with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Association and is a member of the National Futures Association in the United States.